About Me - Brian Loston

Christmas in July, that is the best way to describe my birth. Not only a gift to family, but as it turns out, one for the entire world. What is this great gift you ask? I’m not so narcisistic to think that the gift is me. Nope instead the gift is a combination of my; upbringing, education, worldly travels and need never to fail.

This leads me to have very U’Neek Tek’Neeks (Unique Techniques) in my approach to my photography. I would say that my specialty is creative portraiture. Through getting to know someone’s likes and dislikes I am better able to suggest creative photo sessions. I have been published various times and that work can be seen here: My Publications. The box is not a place where I see myself, and I do not believe that you would be happy there either. Let’s make your photos U’Neek!

Contact me so we can get started on your creative photography. Also Check out more of my work on Facebook and Instagram

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